Contradictive Creativity

Every person has pieces of their life that just don’t seem to fit. I’ve been suddenly struck to share mine.

  • Embroidery and Tax.
  • Doodling and Accounting.
  • Salad and Cheeseburgers.
  • French Fries and Chocolate Frosties.
  • Swinging and Reading. (Together. On the front porch.)
  • Darkness and Light.
  • Juice Boxes and Twenty-something.
  • Elevators and Claustrophobia. (BAD combo especially when you add the touch of motion sickness)
  • Desire to travel and need for consistency.
  • Love and the long-distance relationship.

All of the things that make me me only fit when combined in me. It is a mind-blowing thought that no one else could ever be me and that no matter how replaceable I seem to the world, I am irreplaceable. This isn’t to sound selfish or morale boosting or anything else along those lines. It is simply a statement of truth. No matter how convinced I am that I don’t matter, it simply isn’t true. I am created as an irreplaceable person, a unique conglomeration of circumstances, beliefs, capabilities, talents, memories, and personality. And I am not alone. You are an irreplaceable person just like me. Everyone has this in common, but somehow this connection doesn’t make us any less unique. Those facts are a ridiculous display of creativity.


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